Relax and fun

Our saltwater pool retains some of the benefits of seawater, such as its antiseptic effect that eliminates skin pathogens, as well as providing better buoyancy when swimming in the pool. The high concentration of mineral salts in the saltwater, such as sodium chloride and magnesium, helps kill harmful bacteria on the skin. This antibacterial property can help prevent skin infections and promote the healing of minor wounds, abrasions, or acne. It is less irritating to the skin and eyes, resulting in greater comfort during use, with less redness in the eyes and non-irritated skin. Even the smell of chlorine, which is bothersome to some, is less intense in our type of pool.

The salt contained in the water dissolves and initially contains inactive chlorine. Thanks to salt electrolysis sterilizers and the chemical reactions triggered by the passage of current in the electrolyzer cell, the chlorine becomes active and performs its disinfection action on the water. Therefore, there is no need to add other chemical compounds to the water to maintain the indicated values for maximum safety and protection. This way, the impact on the environment and on humans will be much healthier and more sustainable. We use PURE EXTRA FINE NATURAL salt.

Wearing a swim cap is always required to access the pool, as hair can be a problem for the mechanism.

The pool is outdoors and is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, and a seating area with chairs and tables.

The solution of a saltwater pool is perfect for making our garden an even more special space in the house, where you can enjoy the outdoors in complete relaxation.